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Green Living Gifts How to live efficiently?

Question by DT: How to live efficiently?
Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the cost of living, and human waste (not excretions!:) It seems like I just throw a lot of stuff away, my bills are too high, and making a living is just way harder than it should be. It seems like there has to be a solution, and I think green living might be it… so I’m asking for resources. If anyone knows good websites let me know.

I’m thinking along the lines of cost of living per day… If my electricity bill is $ 90 a month then it’s costing me $ 3 a day to power devices. Vice versa as well, if I’m spending $ 1 a day to buy a soda out of a machine that’s $ 30 a month. Right now I spend $ 13 a month for a large trash container, if I recycled I could get a smaller container that’s $ 7. Certainly there’s probably bigger ways to save, but I’m just demostrating my line of thinking. I already have improved insulation, CFL bulbs everywhere, energy star appliances.

If you know good books I’m interested too!

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Answer by ♥Be Chic Buy Green♥
It’s great that you’re aware of this and you’ve already started conserving. Saks has a brand called Green House. They make organic clothing.

I haven’t read this book, but from the tips on the Green House page, it seems very good.

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