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Green Apartment Living For People Who Live In Las Vegas...?

Question by McD: For People Who Live In Las Vegas…?
* IF YOU don’t want to read this whole thing I’d appreciate it if you could answer top 2 q’s.

Hi. I’m moving to Vegas and I’m a little worried about reviews I’ve read about apartment complexes. I heard Henderson/Green Valley were nice places to live, but some reviews say “gang related activities” or “Don’t live here if you like your car”.

I guess my questions are:

- Where are nice places to live/rent? (I’ve read about Summerlin/ Southern Hills/ Centennial Hills) but it’s hard to find apartment listings as they’re not actual cities.

- How long does it take to get to the strip from those areas?

- How frequent do cars get stolen? If I’m renting should I sell my car and by a cheaper one, just in case. It’s Dodge Durango 04′ nothing done to it?

- Have you heard of people getting car jacked? What neighborhoods should I stay away from?

- Any good advise to prevent break-ins?

Any recommendations to stay safe would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

Best answer:

Answer by 007
you need an automatic weapon, it will keep you very safe

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