Monday, June 2, 2014

Eco Green Living What is/are the best Green Way(s) to live????

Question by 【ツ】 ♪Mer Bear♪ 【ツ】: What is/are the best Green Way(s) to live????
I want to live green for earth, animals, nature, etc.

Is there any way(s)??? (I know like 2 ways)

Best answer:

Answer by goodytooshoes
create a compost with leftover food scraps
unplug things when your not using them even if there not turned on
recycle as much as you can
carry around reusable bags for shopping
ride your bike/walk/run to places as much as possible
get a hybrid car or one thats good on gas
turn of the a/c and heating unless your really uncomfortable
get solar panels on your roof
switch to better light bulbs
air dry your luandry
cook on the grill instead of the oven
remodel your house to save energy(it will eventauly pay off)
take showers instead of baths
wash dishes in the sink rather then dishwasher
use natural fertilizers like manure or compost to prevent polluted watersheds

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