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Going Green Facts Q&A: Drinking (cold) green tea benefits?

Question by Delilah Dancer: Drinking (cold) green tea benefits?
I heard that drinking green tea is really good for you but since it is summer i didn’t want to be drinking something hot, so i have been adding a green tea tea bag to my water bottles and drinking that, does this have the same health benefits? such as weight loss, higher metabolism, and so on… and what are some other benefits of green tea i may not know about?


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Answer by ElvinaS
Green tea can be consume either hot or cold. Another quality of green tea is said to be that of appetite suppressant, another plus when it comes to weight loss. But it depends on the reason why you drink green tea. If you drink it instead of coffee, which is known to increase appetite, then it could actually reduce your appetite. In the same way, if you decide to drink green tea instead of a sweet drink, your appetite will be reduced due to the fact that, if you had a sweet drink, the sugar it contains would increase the production of insulin, which is known to boost your appetite. The more sugar you ingest, the more increased your appetite would be. In conclusion, if green tea takes the place of coffee and sweet drinks in your menu, you will be able to notice a decrease in your appetite, thus a greater chance to lose weight.

Green tea is good for your health not only from the point of view of weight loss, but it is wonderful in every way. Here you have a few tips to lose weight drinking green tea: try to have 3-6 cups every day and you will notice that your appetite will be diminished, you will feel more energetic and, yes, you will lose weight. Anyway it also depend on the quality of green tea in question. Read more info at

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