Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Green Technology Q&A: Does anyone have a feeling that green technology wasn't what the hippies wanted?

Question by Michael is ninga: Does anyone have a feeling that green technology wasn’t what the hippies wanted?
Ok when i say hippy i generalise!(i outa stop doing it but it’s a mental problem!)

I feel that when engineers made green technology the pure hippy, thought to himself “NOO we didn’t want you to make technology! we wanted you to throw it away!”

But when the scientists promoted we cut down the emissions to 1/10th of what we currantly do now! they thought to themselves “YES were heading in the right direction!”

I just have that weird feeling! does anyone think green technology isn’t what pure hippies want?
Dawei when on earth did you become top contributer? and your not what i consider a true hippy!

Best answer:

Answer by Sponge B
‘Green technology’ is a con, a farce.

Calling something ‘green’ and saying it’s ‘environmentally friendly’ because it’s less destructive than it’s predecessor doesn’t make it a good thing.

A ‘green’ car still pollutes the air and destroys the environment. Where does the metal come from? Where does the energy come from? Where do the plastics come from?

The same can be said of all techonology. These products only exist because we have such a big world population – too many to support. Lower the population, get rid of products we simply don’t need, and change our lifestyles to consume less. That’s ‘green’ living.

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