Thursday, May 8, 2014

Green Living Room Decorating Ideas how to decorate a living room with GREEN carpet?

Question by Chloee Bro: how to decorate a living room with GREEN carpet?
our carpet is a dark forest green color and we have tan suede couches and recliner. ill include links of what our carpet, furniture and boarder look like. have dull white curtains covering our windows. i hate this carpet but there isn’t much we can do about it and im having a hard time thinking of a color palette to use to decorate with. our walls are white with a purple and blue boarder type deal. the boarder is covered mostly by our furniture but visible in a few corners. there isn’t a single thing hanging on our walls, and i would have to investigate more to find out if painting them would be an option. we spend 90% of our time in here and i want it to look sophisticated for kids of our age (19 and 21) to be living in it. i’m open to all suggestions and would really like to hear any ideas! it would be great if you guys could maybe include pictures of what you’re talking about, or links or names of stores that i could look at. i appreciate all the help i can get so much <3

this is our couch

this is our couch and carpet together

this is our carpet itself

and, finally, this is our boarder

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Answer by Mike Michael
you have green grass(carpet), brown trees (furniture), now you need a light blue sky on the walls

btw, you need to vacuum

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