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Green Living Consulting Should I consult my son's pediatrician about his speech?

Question by StaceyO: Should I consult my son’s pediatrician about his speech?
My son is 18 months old. He is extremely smart. He already can follow a 2 or 3 step command. He will point to his body parts when asked to. He can pick out all the red, blue, green, and yellow blocks from a pile of mega blocks when asked to. He even has started to write his name, the first 2 letters anyway.

But he does not use more than 4 words. He says no, uh oh, ball, and car. He used to say more, but has digressed. Everything else is grunting from his throat or babbling. He does not string any words together yet.

At his 15 month check up, his pediatrician wasn’t too concerned about his speech because we have another child living with us who is 3 months younger. She felt that they probably communicated “in their own language” like some twins do because they have been together so long. There is also some question as to whether or not my son will need tubes in his ears. He has been seeing an ENT who wants to wait another 6 months before deciding if he needs them or not.

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Answer by Cindy D
Get his hearing checked by an audiologist. Good luck!

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