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Green Architecture Environmental Designer/Architecture, please help!?

Question by Lily: Environmental Designer/Architecture, please help!?
I really want to go into Architecture, but understand that it isn’t necessarily the best career to head into at this time. However, I recently discovered Green or LEED Architecture, and I have a strong interest in that. What I’d like to know is if Environmental Design and Architecture go together, and if they are related to Green Architecture.

If so, would I obtain my Bachelors in Environmental Design, then my masters in Architecture? or how would that work? I want to get my Masters. Thank you!

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Answer by c215
If I may offer some suggestions. After you graduate you could go into a business of your own if you could hook up with a house builder who could build your designs. Green building is going to be in for years to come and if you were to design your homes to be as energy efficient as possible even approaching off grid you might become quite popular. The technology exists where you can use a lot of earthen materials like earth homes, cob, straw bale and the like.

As you know the rich will always be rich but what if your designs were kept smaller in scale and price them as to appeal to middle class and lower? You can be very innovative in your designs utilizing smaller spaces which as you know would cut costs for heating and also use less material for building. I think it is safe to presume that smaller affordable houses will become the norm in the future. I hope this was helpful. :)

Some links you might find interesting.

Non-geodesic domes designed and built in Canada.

This site is for those who like micro-homes, not realistic for mainstream but interesting.

Living off the grid, free yourself

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