Friday, May 9, 2014

Go Green Tips training tips...need help on green horse?

Question by strait_up_vibe: training tips…need help on green horse?
so im training this 15.2 hand palomino mare how to jump. she has lots of potential great conformation and will do anything you please. my qestion is how high is her maximum jump hight..3 foot?

also right now im using a kimberwick just for extra leverage and to help in teaching the headset. im going to switch her into a D ring snaffle i just dont know when.

also what can i do to help her build her back muscles and just bulk her up. shes 9 years young and eats nutrena vitality 10%.

any other training tips would be greatly apreciated!

Best answer:

Answer by Bruno M.
How high is she jumping now?

You don’t build back muscles. You build neck muscles to support the back. Put her on the bit.

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