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Green Living Forums Why does the leaves have light and dark green splotches on my fig tree?

Question by doglover66: Why does the leaves have light and dark green splotches on my fig tree?

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Answer by Cakes
Sometimes plants can get splotches from underfertilization. I do not know if figs are like that. Freezing weather can discolor leaves on some plants too.

^both of those make dark splotches.

overwatering might make splotches? but you would know if u had changed ur schedule.

Also rust or nematodes can make spots. The leaf will get yellow and then bronze; so the light green might be the earliest phase. The nematodes live in the roots and will make the roots get deformed/little nodules on them; if u see those growths then u know it is them.
pic of root knot

if it was nematodes, this university says that crab meal is good. You could put some in a blender and puree it; and then pour it on the soil:

The rust starts as little pinprick spots, not really splotches but they grow into splotches. The spots are mainly red, that is where the disease got it’s name. but the spots are not all red the whole time, like they may appear as something else when they start or finish.

Mosaic virus causes splotches too. that disease is survivable without treatment this text says:

maybe go ask at a fig forum. Bring a pic if u can. Also they will want to know what your feeding and watering schedule is. also u should tell them about the soil (type and/or pH). And any recent changes to the plant at all.

Also u can try asking for a diagnosis at your County Extension office.

and/or sometimes the State Ag office will do tests for you. some might charge a little. and some are free. they can do tests on the roots or soil or leaves:

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