Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Green Living Products Q&A: To add to your green living would you be willing?

Question by bandaidgirl: To add to your green living would you be willing?
to NOT use a living Christmas Tree? I have used artificial trees for years. Besides, real trees cost too much and I would be taking more from the environment.
Sweetpow..thanks and I will. For I dont worship the tree…but Jesus.

Lordkelv….Bogus?….this place is all about questions. I have had the same tree for years. I will agree with some of what you said, both the overall question was to invoque(spelling) as to WHY people use live or artificle…not start an arguement. I dont have $ 40 every year for a live tree. Seems all the live trees I ever experienced was one we kids would go out into the woods and get that ol’ cedar tree that stuck yeah with the needles. And then theres the big clean up of all thoses needles in the carpet everyday….just my thoughts people.

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Answer by ***HDK***
hmm, there’s probably a lot worse things that Christmas tress. They’re not really grown in “nature” anymore, anyways.

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