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Green Tip Q&A: Tips to get my school to go green?

Question by : Tips to get my school to go green?
I want to help the planet. what are some good ideas to get the school to go green? We already have a garden. What else can we do to help save the planet? BTW i’m a student :)

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Answer by Ham-Sandwich
Gabi, this vision of yours is fantastic and I wish everyone shared the same views as you and I (the earth is our most valued possesion), however convincing your school to go green would be very challenging.

It’s not that the administrators don’t believe in going green, it’s just that the process/money gets to be a bit much.

I’m assuming you go to a public school. The public school gets its funding from the local taxpayers. Going green costs money, and as a result, the school district would have to get a budget increase approved by the locals. Bottom line– nobody enjoys paying taxes, and therefore, it is more unlikely than likely that the budget increase will come to realization.

If you really wanted to help the school go green, perhaps there are support organizations in existance that would help provide the assistance needed to go green.

(This last bit is a figment of my imagination)
Perhaps you could contact some eccentric billionaire tycoon who was to help the world and would personally sponsor a complete makeover of your school… solar panels, windmills, tinted windows, the whole 9 yards.

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