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Green Living Nyc green card processing question?

Question by Tim: green card processing question?
my uncle is going to marry his fiancee in june so she can live her permanently. He’s a US citizen and the marriage is legit. She’s got the k-1 fiancee visa so she can get married here in the US (nyc) and wanted to know how long the whole green card process take so

1. How long does it take to adjust the status from non immigrant to immigrant
2. How long does it take to get a work permit and the other thing you have to apply for
3. When do you get the green card (how long from when you adjusted the status)
4. You can become a citizen three years after obtaining a green card. Is this three years from when you adjusted your status or when the green card was actually issued
Is the green card issued 6 months after you applied for the adjustment of status or 6 months after the status has been adjusted if that makes sense. Basically is the green card issued at the same time the USCIS officially adjust your status

Best answer:

Answer by Yak Rider
1. 6 months
2. 3 months
3. 6 months
4. 3 years from the date the green card was issued

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