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Green Living Home Q&A: Don't you think too much green living is rather unsanitary?

Question by Sky Flying Gorgon Witch: Don’t you think too much green living is rather unsanitary?
I’m not ranting I’m just asking.

Why do I think too much green living is unsanitary?

Well first off, toilets that don’t use any water at all, not being able to flush solid matter down. Where would and how would you get rid of all that disgusting mess?

Reusable menstruation pads which has to be re-washed daily more than once.

Household cleansers, dishhwashing detergent and soap that aren’t antibacterial, you need antibacterial household cleansers to kill germs in the kitchen especially when handling raw meat.
You also need antibacterial soap to kill germs on your hands after using the washroom and also when your sick.
You also need antibacterial bathroom cleansers to clean the bathroom, especially the tiolet after it’s been defecated in it each time.

You also need antibacterial cleansers to clean up bird droppings, insect droppings and animal droppings that accidently fell on your property.
When a fly had landed on your window you definately need antibacterial germ killing glass cleaner to kill those germs.

For laundry you also need a good laundry detergent that kills germs and bacteria along with getting rid of dirt.

I know that Tide is antibacterial, most of the environmentally laundry detergents aren’t antibacterial.

So is there any environmentally friendly household cleansers, bathroom cleansers and laundry detergents that is antibacterial?

I don’t go to the doctor frequently and yes fecal matter germs is disgusting that’s why the toilet has to be cleaned after each defecation done.
Spending time re-washing reusable pads is a waste of water.
Organic tampons without the applicator is much better for the environment and so is Ultra Thins maxi’s with wings.
Actually fecal matter has a lot germs and bacteria.

It’s also dirty and disgusting, that type of germs and bacteria I don’t want stuck anywhere in my property.

Best answer:

Answer by Shelly
My initial answer was “Nope. Germs are good for us.” After scanning your little argument in favor of chemicals, my answer is still the same. “Nope. Germs are good for us.” Germs are natural. Your way is not. I am sure, with my body being used to germs and having a healthy immune system, I have much healthier than you.

I also bet you see the doctor regularly and get flu shots, etc. I have not seen the doctor in a few years and I feel great.

I use reusable cotton pads. And also wipe with cloth rags. You would be surprised what water if used immediately, even cold, and soap and hot water can actually do.

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