Thursday, February 27, 2014

Brown And Green Living Room Ideas Paint color for living room?

Question by Rachel: Paint color for living room?
Were trying to figure out what paint color to paint are living room before our new furniture gets delivered wednsday.Any ideas welcome our furniture is a medium brown leather, our carpet is a light brown, our tv stand is black and glass and all picture frames are black also.We do have 4 kids so perferrably not something to light. Thanks in advance!!

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Answer by Livia
Personal taste is so varied, but I could see a sage green, a softly grayed aqua, or a beige that is between the color of the carpet and the furniture. I’d definitely prefer to see some white or off-white mats in the black frames, to add pop and contrast to the wall, and maybe some white/off-white in other parts of the room to keep it from feeling too dark (which is my personal taste – I don’t like too much dark stuff without pops of white). Kids are kids. You might want to invest in a scrubbable paint, no matter what color you choose.

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