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Green Walls Living Walls Would Sage Green carpet go with Beige painted walls?

Question by Leaira Hathaway: Would Sage Green carpet go with Beige painted walls?
My boyfriend is painting his entire house. He would like to know what colors to paint certain rooms. The house is a colonial built in 1967. He already decided on Sage Green carpet for the family room, living room, and dining room. The kitchen and foyer will have beige ceramic tile. He already decided on the upper floor colors. All bedrooms will have a chair rail with white above and almond below. Hall and bathrooms will be all white.

A few color questions regarding paint:

1) In the family room, would Sage Green, Beige, or White paint look best? There are 2 skylights and 5 recessed can lights, if that matters.

2) The dining room has a chair rail molding trim all the way around. He would like to paint separate colors for the wall above and below the trim. Which color combination would look best? What color should the chair rail be? (pick from white, beige, sage green, or almond)

3) What color should the living room and foyer be? (pick from white, beige, sage green, or almond)


Best answer:

Answer by A Hunch
This is not the interior design section… you might have more idea there.
But I don’t think the carpet choice is a good color. Good quality carpet is expensive, so it’s not something that people usually change until it wears out. Having this color carpet will become dated and pigeon holes you into a specific color pallet. I would reverse the design. Neutral carpet and then color on the walls. Paint is fairly inexpensive and easy to do over when you want a change.

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