Friday, January 31, 2014

Green Living Facts Q&A: Why does everyone hate Green Day?

Question by Tʜᴇ Yᴀʜᴏᴏ Wʜᴏʀᴇ.: Why does everyone hate Green Day?
I got 6 thumbs down on here for saying Green Day was my favorite band.

And when I said I seen Green Day live in concert, guys at school called me ‘gay’ and a ‘big queer’ .. lol it doesn’t upset me, i just ignore it all.
But what’s wrong with liking them? despite the fact the lead singer wears eyeliner, and they’re not emo at all, 21 Guns is the only truly melodic song the have.

Best answer:

Answer by Ben Dover
I didn’t know that everyone did. I like their older stuff better, like “When I Come Around” and “Basketcase”. I was in high school when those songs were popular.

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