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Green Homes Q&A: Home decorating question.. color to compliment sage green?

Question by Prettyh8machine: Home decorating question.. color to compliment sage green?
As much as I love home decorating and watching shows on the subject, I’m still squeamish when it comes to taking the leap. My living room couches are sage green and most of my other furniture is a dark wood. My dining room table in the same space is brown marble with chocolate brown seating. Three things I keep putting off purchasing are accent pillows, curtains and area rugs because I cant figure out what color to go with. My brain tells me to get everything matchy matchy but I know I need to be a little more brave. I’ve seen a lot of people go with a scheme of reds and yellows against greens and I’m not a fan of these colors combined. I also tend to avoid white with small kids. any ideas?
That’s actually very helpful. Some kind of purple is what I’d really like to use. My wall decorations are mostly springy florals with a lot of light greens and lavenders and I have my upstairs done in a lot of purples, my bedroom, the upstairs bathroom. good. will do.

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Answer by SieglindeDieNibelunge
Sage green is a tough color! Since it’s a “cool” color, you may want to warm up the room a bit and pull the colors out of the marble, such as a lighter shade of chocolate. Try patterns on pillows, drapes or your carpet. i just got some nice, coffee-brown, chenille pillows from I have a lot of tan in my living room, so they kind of “ground” it.

If you want a livelier look, try shades of purple, like plum or even lavender. I’d avoid yellow or red, or your room will look like a flag from Mexico or Italy! You COULD go with white; just choose something easily washable, or “slick”, like silk or polyester. Even microfiber that imitates suede would work. Another color that will make things look more “Springy” or “Summery” is dark pink or rose. Those go well with green, as they occur in gardens.

For the Victorian color rule used well past that time, pull all colors from your carpet, if you have one. Primary colors would go on the furniture, secondary ones on the walls and “tertiary” (the smallest or least noticeable) ones would go on accents, like pillows and drapes. I did this in my living room and it looks great.

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