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Green Homes Exterior walls built for indoor insulation?

Question by Awesomeness1456: Exterior walls built for indoor insulation?
I want to build an eco-friendly, energy efficient, green home. I want to have a green roof to keep the house cooler when it’s hot outside. Do green roofs also keep the house warm when it’s cold outside? I may want it to be 4 feet into a flat roof and there will be air conditioning units on top of the house. The house will have a flat roof. How dramatic will there be in the temperature change? Say I didn’t turn on the air conditioning on a hot 100 degree F day, What would the indoor temperature of my house be. It may be 2 stories with a basement. Or it could be just one floor without a basement. Or like a ranch home. What are walls that are built for insulating? I want to work on that too. I may also have ceiling fans installed to help conserve energy. Can the green roof be on top of the whole house? Can it be 4 feet into the roof?
And also what type of windows will I need to keep the home insulated? What type of base/flooring would I need to keep it insulated? Also, How would I go about keeping a basement warm when it’s cold outside?

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Answer by Neo-X
If you are really building a home and you want it to be green. I think you need to hire an architect or general contractor. They can answer your questions and give you plans for a home.

If you to learn some things on making a home more green. You could try watching some “Ask this old house” episodes online. They have a search for specific questions too.

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