Monday, October 28, 2013

Green Living CommunitiesBuilding a Green Community (Energy Revolution)

Building a Green Community (Energy Revolution)

shows you the importance and how tgo build a green community

List Price: $ 26.60

Price: $ 22.06

Biodegradable Lawn/leaf Bags 30 Gal. Heavy Duty 1.1 Mil Made In USA (Pack of 48)

  • Biodegradable – Compostable – Petroleum Free
  • Fully compostable in approximately 50-100 days in properly maintained compost facilities
  • Don’t need a full case? Buy only what you need in different quantities.
  • These products can be discarded with food waste as part of a community composting program.

Opaque Extra Heavy Gauge Design – 1.1 mil – DURABLE degradable trash bags are made from Eco Friendly and renewable polyester based proprietary resin.

List Price: $ 54.60

Price: $ 54.60

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