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Eco Green Living Q&A: Any suggestions from a PR and Marketing person on how to find sponsors for a music launch event?

Question by Jonas: Any suggestions from a PR and Marketing person on how to find sponsors for a music launch event?
I’m doing an event where we will be launching a music video and the event is only for news and print media.

I want to seek sponsors. Any suggestions and tips on anyone that is a PR or Marketing major that can give me tips and do’s and don’ts?

I had an idea of seeking sponsors that focus on green initiatives and living/eating healthy–such as companies that support the environment and companies that promote eating well such as a juicing company. But I was told this was very limiting in case a Tobacco or alcohol company wanted to sponsor our event–but in my opinion a Tobacco or alcohol company goes against living/eating healthy and I thought it was more interesting to find a ‘theme’ for the type of sponsors we approached.

The thing is this is the first time we’ve done this, so I was told it wasn’t good to limit the sponsors I would possibly get.

What do you guys think? suggestions? Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Netty
You could do a bit of your own footwork and begin contacting or at least creating an email lists that is focused on other eco-minded and relevant businesses for you to target. Those will help tons in the future but if you still need to build the list, you can try a few of these ideas.

You didn’t mention whether or not the event will be in a specific geo-location or online, but if it has a physical location, make sure to visit a good classified ad site and post your needs in all relevant categories, though I’d definitely suggest unique ads. Post in the proper area, the categories, for yours you could post in:


I’ll add my favorite site to use in sources. It’s my favorite because it has smoothly functioning social sharing buttons, eliminating the need for me to do so manually. You’d be surprised how many classified ad sites these days do NOT have these. Use one that does to cut down on time spent.

Keyword searches. It may sound silly, but try a lot of keyword searches. You seriously never know which weird order of words might bring you to exactly what you need. I wouldn’t be surprised to find a list out there somewhere for exactly this. But you aren’t going to find it under 1,000,000 possible hits. Try other types of searches like Dmoz. I’ll include that below too.

Last but not least. Search for blogs that are active and email or comment about what you are looking for. As long as they are relevant to the many categories you can market this under, you will have the right eyes on your posts. Google’s blog search works really well for these purposes.

Don’t forget. Save ALL of those emails you collect for future email lists and use a free service like Mailchimp.

Dedicating three or four hours per week to this should net decent results. It is always best to do this as far ahead as possible of course. In a pinch, you may want to dedicate more full time hours to your efforts.

I hope this helps.

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