Sunday, July 28, 2013

Eco Friendly Gifts How can my family and I go green, or eco friendly? Does any one have any tips?

Question by Jordan M: How can my family and I go green, or eco friendly? Does any one have any tips?
I keep hearing over and over again about global warming, and how it will soon affect all of us. I know to do simple things, like turn out lights after you use them, and conserve water, but I need some more tips. I think it would be great for the Earth, and for family bonding, if my family were able to go green together. Are their any ways we could do this, that weren’t extremely time and money consuming? Thanks a lot!!

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Answer by Julia <3 Music
Well, you could always ride your bike to school, if you go to school or to work. There is also Earth Hour that you can participate in. This earth hour some family friends came over, we ate finger foods before Earth Hour started and then at Earth hour we used only rechargeable flashlights and candle lights. But, make sure that if you do do that the people that join you turn there lights out too. You can also buy that big blue bin and recycle a lot. My family goes through 2 full garbage bags each week. You can help improve with that because i think soon they are going to make you pay for each garbage bag. Also, have shorter showers to decrease your water bill and also be good to the environment at the same time. Try to also ride your bike or walk to do chores. I sometimes do that.

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