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Tips For Green Living How to get a false purcula clownfish to host a green bubble tipped anemone?

Question by Bradley: How to get a false purcula clownfish to host a green bubble tipped anemone?
I just got the green tipped bubble anemone today, he already planted his foot right away and was hand fed surprisingly. im just wondering if the clownfish will even host the anemone and if so any idea on how long it’ll take?
Also this morning we found white little eggs i think attached to the upper part of the glass. there either snail eggs or even clownfish eggs that arent fertlized yet. is there any way to get them fertlized if they are clownfish eggs?

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Answer by swimmer dude
My mated Ocellaris took about two weeks to ‘find’ and host the RBTA I provided for them. They haven’t left that anemone for over three years. Just recently the RBTA split. I was able to remove the offspring of the anem and gave him to a friend of mine who was looking for a BTA for his mated True Percs. It went week after week of the clowns not even noticing the RBTA. My buddy was becoming increasingly dejected. Then one day in about week four, the male Perc ventured into the BTA. That was the start. The anemone closed up around him like he was being wrapped as a x-mas present for x-mas morning. Well he survived the night just fine. Apparently that’s what the female wanted to see. She was willing to sacrifice the dude for her own safety. tsk tsk tsk. Well all is good now and the M/F True Percs are living happily ever after in the beautiful RBTA from my tank. (I’m not prejudiced at all) lol

The moral of the story is, sometimes clowns never host in the anemone you’d like them to host in. Sometimes it takes 32 seconds, sometimes a couple of weeks and sometimes a few wweeks.

It’s nature and you can only provide these critters with the best mate the odds say they’ll attach to. It doesn’t always work, but when it does, it is so much fun to watch. It’s like a treat of nature happening right there in their own glass box :(

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