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Green Living Blogs Help on starting my lifestyle change to being a vegetarian?

Question by Just find me…. PLEASE: Help on starting my lifestyle change to being a vegetarian?
I’m 28 years old & have just had my eyes opened to the many health benefits to becoming a vegetarian; not to mention the many negatives about harming animals related to producing dairy & meat production. Anyways, I’ve lived my life one way for so long, that I think I may have a bit of trouble switching over to eliminating dairy & meats. Can anyone give me some suggestions? How about words of encouragement?

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Answer by xodevilishxo
There are many vegetarian options that are nutritious. Here are some options:

Whole grains







Soy products


Countless successful athletes are vegetarians including Olympic runners, karate national champions, swimming world-record-holders, and Mr. America bodybuilding champions.

you do know that there are vegetarian ice creams and meats* as well, right?

Lessons & tips:
Know what you’re doing before you make the change so that it is easier to stick with it.
Find out where you can get your Vitamin B12 from (ie fortified soymilks, Brewer’s Yeast/Red Star Nutritional Yeast)
Find out where you can source your Omega 3 (flaxseed oil, fortified soy products)
Don’t be afraid to use a good multivitamin/supplement if you haven’t quite learnt how to make sure you’re getting everything you need yet
Go out of your way to include people in your positive experiences of vegan foods by cooking for them, sharing recipes, and letting them know how you feel about the process (but only if they are genuinely interested!)
Be honest and gentle with yourself and others about the challenges you may face in this process. Don’t whitewash what it means to become a vegan: people can tell, and it just turns them off.
If you are wanting to talk to people about veganism, try not to do it while they are eating unless they are asking you about it. It tends to irritate people.

be sure to have lots of protein and other nutrients as well. Good choice on sticking to that idea of becoming a vegetarian! :) good luck

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