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Green Architecture What has been the contribution of architecture to your religious experience?

Question by The Grinning Crow: What has been the contribution of architecture to your religious experience?
I love visiting Cathedrals – St Vitus in Prague, St Pauls in London, Notre Dame de Paris. Though I cannot reconcile what I believe with Christian doctrine, that kind of architecture is still a source of inspiration to me.

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Answer by ssrvj
If the questioner is NOT biased against other Religions–he/she can Google for Madurai Meenakshi Temple and see the colour pictures with the details in WIKIPEDIA.There are 4 “Gopurams”9a kind of Minars) in 4 Cardinal directions.(photos)–Each Gopuram is about 165 feet high–and 1000s of the beautiful mythological dieties in Mortar=CaCO3(colourfully painted)–one can see in WIKIPEDIA photos.1000 pillar Hall-all 1000 pillars and figures on them are carved out og Granite–The Temple is -Atleast-Atleast 10 Ceturies(1000 years) old–one can see Chola,Pandya and Nayaka Temple Archtecture.The Temple dimentions are according to one of the 28 “SIVAAGAMA” Temple Artichtecture principle–as to– in which direction to the Main Diety the Temple tank should be–etc-etc.Incidentally the MaiN Diety is GODDESS (sri.Meenakshi -the Idol has been carved out of a Green Gem Precious Stone–I think it is called Emerald in English=Marakatahm in Sanskrit)

The whole City of Madurai-Original City–Not extensions –as per Ancient Hindu City Planning is centred around this Emerald Idol as “Bindu”(Green Dot) in Sri CHAKRAM Pattern.The Streets are arranged one sorrounding the other–and named after Each Hindu Month (Aadi Veedhi=>Aavani Veedhi etc)

“Sri Chakraangitha “Bindu”Madya Vasatheem” (Ref:-Meenakshi Panca Ratnam by Acarya sri SANKARA

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