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Green Living Consultant Where do I go, where is Home for me ? Help ...?

Question by Amm B: Where do I go, where is Home for me ? Help …?
I am a 27 year old Indian IT consultant who have been living in US for about a decade now. I finished my UG in BSEE (Barely Graduating) and roamed around most of USA here for various IT jobs. Now I have very few friends because of this moving, and no woman in my life. I saved money with intention of returning to India, but my parents and relatives question my returning and insist that I stay away. They have many tricks for that, and every time I return for “good”, they successfully play one of them. My Visa expires next year, which could be extended till I die – so there is no problem for me to stay in this wonderful country. I make decent living, but just can’t focus anymore. I have never had an american friend telling me to leave his/her country – but always some immigrants and fobs – who luckily got this great ID called Green card. I really want to go home, But have no clue on what place to call home now. Returning to india after this long time, they think I am american (I even get this stupid accent while talking in my mother tongue) , and while staying here I am a complete “desi”.

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Answer by Winston Chau
It is very unfortunate that your parents and relatives must resort to tricks and question your returning to India. Home is where your heart is and where you are most content. Your posting states that you do have friends in the United States, so America is your home.

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