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Green Living Nyc NYC living... i need to know all about it!!1?

Question by : NYC living… i need to know all about it!!1?
I am graduating in May with a Marking degree… Wanting to move to the good ole’ big apple. I currently live in Dallas, but have been to NYC a few times and love it. How do true new yorkers treat ppl with southern accents? I went to Chicago last year and was not treated nicely… green acres?? really?????? Anyway, I need suggestions as far as where to live. I would love to live in Manhattan but I don’t understand the concept of rent control. Can someone please explain this and help me out? thanks!

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Answer by Amrita
People in New York will treat you the same as they treat anyone else. It can range from polite to indifferent. Rarely, someone will be rude, but not because of your accent.

Rent controlled apartments are just that, rent controlled. They are a lot cheaper than other apartments, but are hard to find. It is highly unlikely that you will get a rent controlled apartment. Pay attention to the vibe of the neighborhood. Live somewhere where you feel comfortable and consider an outer borough like Queens in order to save on rent. A neighborhood like Astoria, Jackson Heights, or Forest Hills is very close to the city and has a lot to offer.

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