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Green Jobs Q&A: How to find green jobs/volunteer work?

Question by : How to find green jobs/volunteer work?
It seems very hard. I can’t find one single thing other than doing what I can do as myself individualy to help. Are there any orginizations? Jobs? Volunteer work. Where do you live and what do you do with going green?

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Answer by J.
See if your state has a coalition or council of nonprofits. Many do. Start there.

One thing I have witnessed with 501C3 groups involved with anything pertaining to alternative energy is they get rather parochial and territorial, and they also tend to put the blinders on themselves. They do not need to do so, and they would benefit many more people at less expense to themselves if they were not that way.

Many do not want to hear that, but this is the honest truth, I have seen it first hand. Because of that, they lose exposure. People such as yourself never hear of them. Many of those groups do not know how to promote their efforts effectively. Or worse- they shut off opportunities.

If nothing else- if you have actual skills, You know how to do something that many people may not know, Blog about it. A freind of mine has global reach with his blog that is of a technical nature. If it benefits some in the third world in some way- that is a big part of his goal. No 501C3 needed for him to do that.

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