Thursday, August 30, 2012

Green Building Difference between Traditional Green Building and Contemporary Building?

Question by zxsdwe: Difference between Traditional Green Building and Contemporary Building?
Is there difference between traditional green building and the contemporary one?

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Answer by John
Do you mean what is the difference between traditional green building methods and contemporary green building methods, or traditional green building and regular modern building?

Traditional building methods were passed down from generation to generation and tended to preserve techniques and materials that did the job as well as possible in their environments. Building methods became more “sophisticated” with economic success; that is, wealthy people wanted houses that demonstrated their wealth no matter where they lived. Wealth enabled us to use materials and methods that had been restricted to small percentages of people in the past.

THis gave us more or less better shelters and convenience but we were not paying very much attention to the “carbon footprint” such methods and materials created. Now this is also being factored in to modern building methods and materials in a more scientific way and we are learning how to build buildings that “fit into” environments in a more biological way; for example, buildings that “breath” as opposed to ones that consume and create waste.

As with most sciences, building is still in its infancy but as more and more people apply their intelligence to this science, we will no doubt see some amazing alternatives to contemporary “consumer/waste” paradigms.

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