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Energy Efficient Homes Brand new energy efficient homes furnace barely blows any air out of vents, is this normal?

Question by : Brand new energy efficient homes furnace barely blows any air out of vents, is this normal?
Dampers, and vents have all been checked and the furance filter is also been changed monthly. It is not dirty. Our house is 2,400 square foot tight bi-level built in 2010. Our 60,000 BTU one stage furnace is 93% energy efficient. We have our thermostat set on the heat setting at 68 degrees and every room is not getting warmer than 64 degrees. Our vents are barely blowing out any air and our builder is saying that everything is done right. I don’t think this sounds correct being I have been a home owner before and never had this problem and I had put in a 90% energy efficient 2 stage furnace in my last home that was older and not as well insulated and the older home was warmer and kept the tempature better. We don’t think this is correct what do you think?
I live in the midwest Chicagoland area.
I finally have convinced the Builder to send out the heating and a/c company to come back out after many phone calls and emails. In fact it has taken 3 months to get them out here. I complained back in August when I first moved in that the rooms were not getting cold enough. They told me to give it time but by then I was done using the a/c,. So then it continued on to the heat. I ended up telling them that I had in fact called numerous heating and a/c companies for their professional opinion and all have stated that the furnace seems to be to small that they would have put in at least a 75,000 BTU furnace or that the duct work was not done correctly. They really did not want to but I was really raising hell since I have had quite a few other things going wrong too. So we shall see what they say.

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Answer by Mr. Dent
the problem is where your thermostat is located..if the thermostat get satisfied for 68 degrees in your living room and the other rooms are 64 degrees..that would be about there a vent nearby the thermostat? if so find a wall with no vent and no sun light or any light thats directly in its path as those are determining factors as well…

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