Sunday, July 29, 2012

Green Living FurniturePlatypus Designer Duct Tape Argyle

Platypus Designer Duct Tape Argyle

  • Beautifully printed.
  • Seamless in both directions.
  • Uses a strong micro-weave cloth backing for superior strength and printing.
  • Perfect for crafters and hobbyists in additional to regular duct tape uses.
  • 32 feet by 2″

Our PlatypusTM line of designer duct tape makes the world’s most versatile tape stylish and fun. Perfect for marking luggage, repairing clothes, book covers, making wallets, decorating shelving, fixing drumsticks, covering hula hoops and lacrosse sti

List Price: $ 6.95

Price: $ 6.95

Living Green (Institutional Use)

List Price: $ 4.95

Price: $ 4.95

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