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Green Living Technologies Q&A: Why does Disney Channel think it's doing so much good by promoting "green living" when...?

Question by THE *only* lePineyapple: Why does Disney Channel think it’s doing so much good by promoting “green living” when…?
Just creating its “eco-friendly” commercials would take up about as much energy as if a UFO decided to land on Earth and recharge its battery with a giant power socket.
Of course, that’s an exaggeration, but how much energy do they think they suck up by creating a commercial indoors, with green screens and lighting and tons of plug-in technology…They would’ve been doing the earth a favour by not making the commercial at all. However, there are plenty of eco-friendly alternatives they could’ve used–one of them being shooting outside in the natural sunlight rather than a crapload of light bulbs. Anyway this is just my opinion. Correct me if I am wrong. I just think they’re being very big hypocrites.
Homefries86 – Wow, that’s a very good point. However, I still believe that the commercial in itself would be easier to believe had they used natural lighting and less technology. Even the makeup they use for the actors/actresses contain chemicals. I understand there is only so much they can take away from the commercial, but I’ve seen even amateur “commercials” on youtube that were quite lovely in both their quality and their message even without all the energy-sucking technology that is used in a professional filming.
NaTii- YOU’RE not thinking straight. People have been recycling way before Disney Channel decided to join in to the pot. It’s just a good investment plan for them. Do you think the guys all the way up in corporate give a crap? No. Kids can learn to recycle through HUNDREDS of sources other than some TV station with second-rate sitcoms.
Plus, I didn’t say the message or the commercial was bad.
I’m saying there were many things they could’ve given up to make it worth its word and they did NOT. Plain and simple.

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Answer by xXGamer_GirlXx
Because Disney is stupid.

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