Sunday, May 27, 2012

Green Living Magazine What are your green resources?

Question by paintswithlight: What are your green resources?
I love magazines like ecoLogical home ( which show how to live a healthier green life…what types of sources do you use?

Best answer:

Answer by Jeremy R
My green resources would be, my garden seeds, harvested from the plants I’ve grown in my garden from the previous growing season, like tomato seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, corn seeds, cucumber seeds, watermelon seeds etc,etc. thusly…..I do not have to buy new seed next spring, I already have them on hand, and ready to plant.

I would also say trees…….But I think we need to preserve trees, trees clean our air, and provide essential life saving oxygen, trees are beautiful with their spring and summer green leaves, not to mention their astonishing beautiful fall foliage!

Please plant a tree!

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I agree! Planting a tree will help clean the air since trees act as air filters. It would also be great if we can help by cleaning our surroundings and avoid using plastic and other commercial products which carry toxic ingredients. Good thing some residents of Madison Apartments are already starting!

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