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Green Living Furniture Q&A: living room 15x30 and the dark green rug with maroon furniture I'm painting it tan what bold color would i use

Question by hennlee55: living room 15×30 and the dark green rug with maroon furniture I’m painting it tan what bold color would i use
it is an older house very small on one wall the bedroom doors are off the livingroom, on the other there is two windows, on the shorter walls is the entrance into the livingroom from out side and the other short wall in entrance into the kitchen, the living room is long but is cut inhalf with furniture couch loveseat and tv at one end, and dining room set with buffet and hutch at the other, would you paint it all one color or try and break it up into two rooms

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Answer by rockchick
Because of the green & maroon, I WOULDN’T use another bold color. Those ARE pretty strong. I think the tan is good, but that could be a little dark also. Maybe take it up a shade or 2 like cream or a very pale butter yellow. You sound like you almost don’t have any full walls—every one has a door or window. I would definitely split the room making it LR & DR. You can paint half the room the color most complimentary to the maroon & greeen and then take 1 shade difference over to the DR so that your eye doesn’t really perceive a different shade but look better in the DR area. If possible I would try to get the dining room down at the doorway that leads to the kitchen. Then ppl don’t have to walk through the LR to get to the table and possibly spill stuff along the way. Perhaps have the LR area down by the BR entrance. Hope you like the suggestions—GOOD LUCK!!!

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