Monday, April 30, 2012

Pure Green Living Living room redecorating help!?

Question by reallywantthisjob: Living room redecorating help!?
Hi, I’m looking to paint my living room and the job is a bit harder than expected because I’m having trouble matching anything to the new couch. It’s not really a pure green, there are tiny bits of very light yellow and ivory in the fabric of it. I thought a pure yellow on the walls might make the color on the couch pop pop but now i’m not so sure.I feel like the couch might be a cool color and the 2 yellow colors I chose are too warm but I just can’t tell. Anyone have any suggestions/advice? Thank you!

Here’s a photo of the test swatches in front of a section of the couch…

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Answer by just a little question…
the yellow on the right s better

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