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Green Living Consultant How can I act in the US, with a working visa ? ( Not a green Card )?

Question by : How can I act in the US, with a working visa ? ( Not a green Card )?
Hi my name is Alex , I live in NC I have been acting since I was little, I did a lot of short films abroad in Mexico and one commercial in Italy , I have been ask a lot of information from agents that contact me, here in NC and some in LA and NY, but I have a working visa ( H1B ), because I work as a consultant for a company here in NC, so with this visa I can only work for my company ,so I want to know :

1 ) Can I audition for movies here in the US with no green card ?
2 ) If I get the part on a movie , would I have a chance to do it with this visa ( H1B ), or I have to do it for free ?
3 ) Is there companies here in the US, who would let me audition or that hired international actors ?
I heard that with this type of visa , you would have to act with no pay….. is there another solution ?
I got contacted by some agents in NC and they all ask for green card , I’m not from the US , so I don’t think I can sign anything with them ,cause I wouldn’t be able to get paid unless they are big companies how sign you and help you with visas?
Please help I need answers so i can start auditioning for films here , I guess I don’t mind if I don’t get paid on the beginning cause it create a good Resume but on the long road , I have to make some extra money…. Please help me with info what is the best way to get in auditions with my situation….. how does international actors , audition and live here ?

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Answer by VergeOfChaos
If your H1B is for consulting, then working elsewhere is a violation of status, and could get you removed. You would have to either adjust your status, or get another visa.

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