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Green Living Forums Why would someone go into a forum marked for environment-green living and then act annoyed and suprised that?

Question by kcguy6935: Why would someone go into a forum marked for environment-green living and then act annoyed and suprised that?
people in this forum are discussing ways to aid the environment. I freely admit that as with any good idea you will have some people whoose heart outreaches their mind or their willingness to research what they are trying to talk about. But why would people go into this category and needlessly attempt to discourage someone from attempting to save money and resources and to experience a sense of accomplishment for doing so. As am example I cite this question (put it in your browser to read);_ylt=AuREexAvnjXz3Th.N5Ai4zPsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090301031449AAYmEi9&show=7#profile-info-MUcaYL0Paa

The individuals instead of responding to the question are they trying to make their lack of effort justified. Are they so ate up with the global warming/climate change war it spilled out of that battleground (Nothing was said about GW until a negative was added bringing it up) I would love to hear from both sides especially from people who want to discuss this (In other words e-mail enabled) Thanks to all

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Answer by jeff m
The guy who posted the obnoxiuos comment (Will T) is a new guy, his few answers to other questions were similar in nature. The global warming issue is contentious, and many start out angry. And some in any forum just seem to like to vent their nastiness.

BTW, I liked your answer to the other question

Myself I think that AGW is a farcical scam, But that it should be possible to reach a useful compromise. To me the biggest waste of the scarcest resources is caused by all of us bringing a ton of metal at high speed everywhere we go. I’d favor a steep tax on vehicle fuels, to reduce consumption. It should be phased in gradually, with rebates to rural users and commuters phased out gradually. That would avoid waste caused by abruptly rendering cars less useful, and allow time for people who don’t need to live far from their job, to sell rural houses to those who don’t need to commute.

I’m alarmed at the idea of (effectively) outlawing use of coal. This will just increase use of natural gas (suitable as vehicle fuel), and increase the cost of electric vehicles. The tesla electric car uses 75 kwh of electricity to charge its 53 kwh battery. 75 kwh is equivalent to five 1500 watt heaters running full time for 10 hours. Shortage of fuel suitable to power farm tractors and semi trucks is the big problem we’ll face. Can you imagine the batteries they’d require?

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