Monday, July 28, 2014

Green Home PlansThe Kitty Tube - Insulated Outdoor Cat House - Comes with Pillow AND New AWNING

The Kitty Tube – Insulated Outdoor Cat House – Comes with Pillow AND New AWNING

  • COMES WITH NEW DOOR AWNING OVER DOOR! The Kitty Tube provides an economical, safe, and secure home for up to 3 cats. The Kitty Tube’s unique door design will also protect your cat from predators. Alley Cat Allies Approved.
  • The Kitty Tube includes a custom, machine washable pet bed on top of the fully insulated floor. The floor, walls, and roof are all insulated with a high quality, high R value insulation. The Kitty Tube will stay cool in the summer, and is ultra warm in the winter. (Style of the custom pet bed may vary.) Also available in FERAL OPTION – Straw Only.  Click on Kitty Tube LLC above to see our listing.
  • The built in lifting handles can be adjusted to supply full flow through ventilation for the summer, and can be closed to retain heat in the winter.
  • The Kitty Tube is made from 100% post consumer content, consisting of recycled milk and detergent bottles. The Kitty Tube is an extremely green product, and proudly made in the USA.
  • The Kitty Tube shell is guaranteed for life to never chip, crack, or fade. The Kitty Tube’s color is black.

Introducing The Kitty Tube – fully insulated outdoor cat house. Improvements include a brand new awning over the door, a positive fitting lid, better wet weather protection, higher quality exterior, increased R-value insulation, and a fully insulate

List Price: $ 109.99

Price: $ 109.99


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Price: $ 12.78

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