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Green Living Store Green anole or hermit crab?

Question by : Green anole or hermit crab?
I have been wondering if I should get a Green anole, or a hermit crab. I am going to Denver on the 18th, and getting either a green anole or a hermit crab from their petco/petsmart. I have heard many pros and cons from both of these. One Pro I heard from Hermit crabs is that they are very easy, and inexpensive. One Con I’ve heard of is that in the pet stores, they are more than likely abused, and might not live very long. One Pro I have heard of with anoles is that they are sturdy, and don’t get hurt easily unless picked up by their tail. One Con I’ve heard is that they need live insects, and I don’t know how I would feed it, other than buy them on ebay. (I live in a small town so i don’t have pet stores to buy food for them, so i have to resort to ebay…)
But yeah. If you could get one of the two, which would you get. A Green anole or a Hermit crab?

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Answer by Jake
Since you do not live near any pet stores, I would go with a hermit crab. You may not be able to buy their food from a pet store, but you can give them fruits and veggies as meals. I do not know how your petsmart or petco treats their animals, but those stores in my region have very healthy animals. Also, if you treat them right, hermit crabs can live a very long time. Anoles dont have a very long lifespan.

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