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Green Living Communities green knife fish question for bettachris?

Question by t3h guppy beeder: green knife fish question for bettachris?
so i was told that a bgk was too big and if you look at my other questions i will ABSOLUTLEY not put a fish in a situation where it is not comfortable, BUT a light in the end of this tunnel i can have a green knife fish i would like pics and tankmates and live food suggestions that the knife loves and pics of tanks what temp they like anything you know will help

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Answer by bettachris
green knives are somewhat browish but still see though. they will max out around 5-6 inches long, and very tolerant of other fishes.

Eigenmannia virescens is there name.

They are reported to get about 15 inches, but i have yet to see one this large, and even at this size, very well with community fishes.

15 inch green knife will be fine in a 55 gallon, where a 2 foot BGK will not.

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