Friday, June 13, 2014

Green Building Materials eco friendly building materials price comparison with regular building materials?

Question by ChibiChaos: eco friendly building materials price comparison with regular building materials?
Are eco friendly ones more expensive? If so can anyone give me a website to see how much they are..any building materials, i just need to know if they are more expensive.

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Answer by Casey
Anything that has, “Art”, “Marine”, “Organic”, or “Eco Friendly” on the label or sign is going to cost more than if it didn’t. The main reason is the law of supply and demand. When more consumers demand something, more manufacturers get involved in meeting it, and competition usually helps lower prices. It also has a lot to do with the cost of manufacturing many eco friendly products because the raw materials may be more expensive to produce, are more rare, or are recycled which can add significantly to the cost. It isn’t always the case, but often is. As we end users demand better, safer, less harmful stuff, the less it will cost because there will be more manufacturers willing to meet the demand. Economy of scale says that the more you make of something, the less it costs you to produce. Light bulbs, tissue paper, and pencils should cost a fortune, but because they are manufactured on such a massive scale, they can be sold to the consumer at a relatively low price. All of those, by the way, have green alternatives, but they cost more at this time, but the gap is shrinking.

Think of when cell phones, computers, or compact fluorescent light bulbs first came on the market. Remember how expensive all that stuff was until a bunch of companies started making and improving them. I’m sure other eco friendly materials will follow as we demand it and companies see the increased opportunities. Some things might still be more expensive than their disposable, petroleum based counterparts, but the difference will get smaller.

Put “green building materials” in your search engine and you’ll see a million websites devoted to the cause. It’s a rapidly growing segment of the market and hopefully will continue in tough economic conditions.

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