Friday, May 16, 2014

Live Green Q&A: What are easy ways to live green?

Question by Springsteen – Account #2: What are easy ways to live green?
I am a hard headed strong recyler! I will jump on you in a heart beat for not recyling and doing things that are good for the earth.
My family plans on moving to North Carolina soon and we plan on building a green house. Do any of you have any good and easy ideas on how to help keep the earth green and healthy. I will do whatever it takes to help out. I think just because the generation of today is lazy that the future generations should suffer! Now I’m not saying all of this generations people are lazy but the majority of it is and it’s sadening to me. Please help me in anyway you can to help the earth and tomorrow’s people and teach your children and friends to recycle and do that simple things that matter most!

Best answer:

I am so fortunate that there are good people around like you. That is so cool you’re building a greenhouse (I’d love one) Well, I live near the beach and every week when I go bodysurfing, I pick up trash and gunk and even needles! I agree; it seems like this generation (SOME) don’t really care about this issue but I am 45 and I remember when I was a child reading this book about the ice caps melting and it really scared me. I watch the Sundance Channel and they have great tips on how to keep the earth Green, like buying hybrid cars, etc. Robert Redford is a genius! I think that if anyone lived near a beach, they could spend a few hours a week just cleaning the junk off of it. I mean, one of those needles could get stuck in a child’s foot! Anyway, I just try to do what I can. Good on you, though!

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