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Green Solutions Best affordable green screen solution for full body shots. Posters on wall don't work cats attack them!?

Question by VGCodeMaster: Best affordable green screen solution for full body shots. Posters on wall don’t work cats attack them!?
I tried buying a cloth and it’s too dark plus the seam is an issue (it really needs to be sewed together.) So I figure I can either

1. Buy a lot more cloth that is lighter and sow it
2. Paint the wall.

The issue is the wall IS a dark paneling with small grooves every 6 inches so even if I get the green all over even in the groove I am afraid these small grooves on the paneling will mess up the green screen. Any input on this?
Actually that web site just sells stuff it does not answer my real question:
Has anyone painted pantone 354 green on a paneling wall with a groove every six inches and been able to get sufficient green screen shots?

Best answer:

Answer by fhotoace
Here is a good site that should answer your questions.


You will see that there is chroma-key paint in both green and blue.

You will find that just any green colour will not provide you with the quality of chroma-key you need to pull this off.

Savage even makes chroma-key in paper rolls


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