Monday, May 19, 2014

Green Living Technologies go green save future?

Question by Piyush: go green save future?

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Answer by Mike
nah, live in correlation with the planet and stop destroying it, save future. “go green” kind of implies the mainstream, corporate, “green” movement where they just sell all the same products and turn them “green” it’s complete bullshit. if we decide to actually care about the planet we live on someday, we’re gonna have to give up our precious chemicals and factories and radiation.. cars can run on salt water btw, they already have the technology, they just don’t care about the planet plain and simple. we’re gonna have to step up as a people and demand that we treat the planet with respect, because our fascist governments, corporations, banks, etc. only care about a couple things: money and power. the idea that they care about the rest of us consumers, average joes is complete deception. people need to grasp the fact that our leaders are actors, they only pretend to care about and help us to keep us calm cause we are the majority and would overthrow their whole system overnight if we wanted to, and we should.. but people are too blinded by their 9-5 jobs, school, debt, drugs, and tv shows/sports.. hope i shed some light on how the future really needs to be saved.. it can’t be any other way.

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