Sunday, May 11, 2014

Green Living Newsletter need help please some one?

Question by ELIZABETH L: need help please some one?
ok hi my name is elizabeth im 5’4 and i weight 135lbs in sept 25 im going to turn 19 so that means i only have a couple of month till my birthday and i wont to lose 15-20 lbs what is the best tips you can give me or some one wont to be my internet guide to lose weight i well help you to . and well a nother thing i wont to get a nice hair and nail do you know of any good vitams that are good to keep your skin , nails , hair , ext nice and heathy looking . by the way does green tea realy work .

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Answer by riyaz s
Well you cantry the indian remedy lemon in hot water it worked for my neighbour best of luck!!!!

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