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Green Living Furniture living room decor help?

Question by hollister000899: living room decor help?
i want to do my living room a little different i have hunter green carpet and my furniture is brown and tan what color curtain should i put up i was thinking maroon and green plaid but idk please help

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Answer by Lisa A
What color are your walls??? Start there first if you can. It is amazing what two coats of paint can do to change the atmosphere of a room.
My second advise is since you have two main colors: Hunter green and Brown, to stay on the conservative side you could use a nice neutral curtain. For example, beige’s, creams, light tans, anything that will coordinate with the tans in your furniture and the color of your walls. You could also use a natural rattan or bamboo shade underneath to add some texture and interest. You could use wrought iron curtain rods to add that touch of black which also adds weight and another type of texture. And think about changing pillows on the sofa and chairs. This helps with adding style and color. It is amazing how simple things can change the look of a room. Hope this helps.

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