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Green Living Blog What should I title my blog?

Question by Ashley: What should I title my blog?
I’m 24 and I am a marine biologist living in south florida. I love to be outdoors and on the water. I do a lot of yoga and I am just starting to scratch the surface of the spiritual aspect of yoga. I like to do yoga on the beach. I like to cook, garden, and I like to sometimes craft.This is just some basic information about me and about the info I’ll be putting in my blog– I just need help thinking of a title for my blog. Any suggestions would be awesome!

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Answer by lookat
When you enter the name of a blog you want to start, before it can even be established they run a search to make sure your blog’s title is not already in use by another blogger.

Creating a blog that sums up the character, the nature of your blog or web site should be like
a title for a story that contains the subject matter of your writing.

Going Green With Katty, or whatever your nick name is.
as an example
To convert the title of your website or blog into a URL address is simple: example: or
If you want to emphasize your interest in marine biology and your location, south florida, then
the title should reflect this: example:
Kate’s Corner, or Kate’s Water World, Going Green with Katty, Swimming with the Dolphins,
Kate’s World, Going Green with Katty. Kate’s Crafts and Yoga Life by the Sea.
Whatever you call your blog you will need to name the URL or .org or .net. or .edu

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