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Green Energy Live Any Tips For Green Living?

Question by CCM_X3: Any Tips For Green Living?
I am going to start living a ‘Greener’ lifestyle.
Any tips for me?
Like:Where do I start?
And yes, I am on a budget.

Please Give Me As Many Tips As Possible!
And I will choose a best anwser later
[Based on the answer with the most information and detail]


Best answer:

Answer by Completely Incomplete
When you buy new lightbulbs, go to Home Depot or even Costo and buy the energy-efficient kind. They don’t shine as bright as normal ones do, but you’ll get used to it. They are always cheaper and last much longer.

When you’re not watching TV or using a light, turn it off.

Start recycling as well. I have no clue where our recycling section in our town is, so I bring all my papers into school to recycle them. If you work recycles, you could do so as well perhaps a every week or month.

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