Thursday, May 29, 2014

Green Architecture B.S. in Landscape Architecture and a Master's in??what?

Question by Chido One: B.S. in Landscape Architecture and a Master’s in??what?
IM getting my bacherlor’s degree in landscape architecture and i want to go to grad school, but for a differnet field of study. I speak french and i was thinking of doing a master’s in french with an option for teaching at a university maybe [how does that work]

what are the best degrees that go well together with landscape architecture or architecture in general?
a professor advised me to do law or business, since this would be extremely useful in my future career as a landscape architect, but both options seem boring to me.

then i thought about history, or latin american studies, but those [as fun as they sound to me] would not be very helpful with landarch

what do you recomend?

Best answer:

Answer by ownpool
Consider an M.Arch. degree in general architecture.

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