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Eco Friendly Gifts ECO friendly Girl... Needs tips?

Question by *Luv2ski_@(*0*)@*: ECO friendly Girl… Needs tips?
I really want to help the environment and be eco friendly. What are some easy switches and tips i need to start out and help the planet?

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Answer by Diane
first, start saving up your bottles and cans and then u can recycle them at ur local recycling place (usually located by a grocery store) and at home you can recycle all ur papers and other recyclable materials for a roadside recycling pickup…also, i got a book called “1,001 ways to save the Earth” and it tells you a lot of different simple ways to help the earth, while still doing what u wan2 do (the book is made on recycled paper too :-) ) okay so i hope this helped :-) Ohh also u can influence ur teachers at school if u go to school bcuz idk how old u are but if u go to school then u can persuade ur teachers to put a recycling trash can in their classroom because u have no idea how many papers are thrown away daily when they culd be recycled. YOU can plant a tree too…its not hard and its not expensive either… ** oh and also, you can look up somewhere online where u can help the enviornment locally (for example…I cleaned a beach the other day because i live in CA by the beach)and the group that does beach cleanups does other “green” stuff too so u could easily find a group like that in ur area. also, on ur way to work or school or the store orsomewhere, if u cant DRIVE A HYBRID, CARPOOL or RIDE A BIKE or WALK/RUN or TAKE A MASS TRANSIT SYSTEM (LIKE A BUS) i hope this helped!

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